Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Best Horror of the Year Vol. 6 - in which a Small Magazine is Well Represented

Supernatural Tales #24

Over on the blog of Ellen Datlow there is a list of the contents of her famed anthology, and in it we find 'Majorlena' by Jane Jakeman, which appeared in ST#24. Jane's story, set in the last Iraq war, is certainly not your standard British ghost story, but the author's skill and knowledge shine through, as does her grasp of Middle Eastern myth. Congratulations to Jane!

Congratulations also to John Llewellyn Probert ('A Life on the Stage'), Sean Logan ('Dollhouse by the Sea'), Sam Dawson ('Man Under'), and Steve Goldsmith ('The Boys With the Ball') - all received honourable mentions for stories in ST#24. From ST#25, Mike Chislett's story 'The Middle Park' got a mention, as did Iain Rowan's 'The Singing' from ST#23. That's some kind of record, I think.

Check out the Buy Supernatural Tales page for info on various purchasable formats. End of compulsory commercial.


Jason said...

Hi there,

Could you give me a rough time frame for when you may be open to submissions again?


valdemar said...

I will probably be open submissions again next spring.

Unknown said...


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