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Inside No. 9

Yuletide Ghosts

TLS praises tale from ST

Ghosts on the Nog

The Devil of Christmas

'Night in the Pink House'

This Spectacular Darkness - Part 2.

'In His Grandmother's Coat'

'Line of Fire'

Shirley Jackson - Observer Item

'The Glamour of the Snow'

'Hidden in the Alphabet'

The Once and Future Tourist Attraction

'The Human Cosmos'

A Twist in the Eye - 'Returning'

This Spectacular Darkness - Review Begins

RIP Peter Vaughan

This Spectacular Darkness

'The Devil of Christmas' - Inside No. 9

'The Moonlit Road'

Psychic Pheasant George - A Nation Mourns

Horror Stories (including a couple of mine)

Inside No. 9 returns!

Update on Channel Zero

Marrying Ghosts

Reader Poll - Issue 33

The Singing Ringing Tree - Disturbing Tales from Europe

Channel Zero

Folklore Thursday - The Bunyip

Donald Pleasence as Carnacki


'Died in House'

'The Change'


Clash of the Icons


Ghost Poll

'Milosh' & 'Sanity'


Closed to Submissions!

'Gloria and the Selchie'

Seek Ye the Mark of the Witch!

Hallowe'en-y Listening

'What Dreams May Come'

Interview up at greydogtales

'The Eyes'

Locations for 'A Warning to the Curious'

'The Lighthouse'

Ghosts & Historians

Satanic Soap

'The Music'

Stay Tuned for Terror!

'The Beginning'

The Furniture of Horror

'An Old Tale'

Mister Postman Delivers An Unexpected Package

Nunkie for Hallowe'en!

Horror Movie Posters from Thailand

Incompetent? Or blatant attempt to bring about Apocalypse?

The Hex

Michael Dirda on Spooky Reading Matter

Praise for E.F. Benson

'One Who Saw'

Hammer Horror Pop Art...

Electronic version now available to the digitally-minded and young at heart!

New Magazine Makes Everything Better

Beautiful Horror

The Vampire and the Ballerina (1960)

Nothing Ominous About Giant Moths, Say Giant Moths

New Laptop