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Scare Street Submissions Guidelines

A Strange Christmas Game | A Ghost Story by Charlotte Riddell | Full Aud...

'Abominable' by Fredric Brown

'Ancient Lights' by Algernon Blackwood - read by David Longhorn

'The Occupant of the Room' by Algernon Blackwood

'Long Ago' - A Ghost Story for Christmas

The Mezzotint by M R James

'The Cask of Amontillado' read by Basil Rathbone

The Death Spancel and Others - Running Review Part 2

'Casting the Runes' by M. R. James

A Christmas Carol | Stave V: The End of It | Charles Dickens

Last minute Christmas present idea...

A Christmas Carol | Stave IV: The Last of the Spirits | Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol | Stave III: The Second of the Three Spirits | Charles...

Paranormal - Egyptian Supernatural Horror

A Christmas Carol | Stave II: The First of the Three Spirits | Charles D...

The Death Spancel and Others - Running Review Part 1

A Christmas Carol | Stave I: Marley's Ghost | Charles Dickens


Beautiful New Book!

The Curse of Yig - Dark Adventure Radio Theater

The Beyond (1981)

The Best Ghost Story Ever

Squire Toby's Will by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Lee & Herring's Reasonably Scary Monsters - 1998

"Man Size in Marble" by Edith Nesbit

Color Out of Space - Review

The Beast With Five Fingers by W.F. Harvey as told by Edward E. French

Want a Review Copy?

'Rats' by M.R. James - a reading by yours truly

'Squeeze Box' - Tom Johnstone reads his own ghost story

Subscriptions - USA and Rest of the World

Issue 45

Powers and Presences (Sarob Press 2020) - Review

M R James - Count Magnus (read by Michael Hordern)

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

'The Daedalus Equations' by Bruce Stewart

Combined Hallowe'en/Birthday Card!

Hellebore 3

The Man And The Snake - by Ambrose Bierce

Jon Pertwee reads Dracula by Bram Stoker

Hallowe'en Movies - Carpenter Country

'The Follower' by Cynthia Asquith

Spine Chillers 1980 The Red Room told by Freddie Jones

Apparently it's Black Cat Day!

Bogey Wail - Animated Halloween Postcards by Matthew Kirscht

Dickon the Devil | A Ghost Story by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - Don't Cancel Halloween!

Dickon the Devil | A Ghost Story by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Curfew, by Lucy M Boston

Children of the Stones

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

What Happened to Japanese Horror?

Halloween (1978) Trailer

Hallowe'en Films - Haunter (2013)

Hallowe'en Films - Dead of Night 1945

The Terror of the Blue John Gap, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Spiritualist Who Beat the Nazis

Deadly as a Poundshop Ouija Board!

Oo-aaarrr, they be wolves loik you've never seen!

Psychic Shoplifting in Bognor Regis

They Did - Have You?

"The Moon-Gazer" by DNJ

BOOKS OF BLOOD Official Trailer (2020) Clive Barker Horror

Vein Diagram (See What I Did There?)

Sneaky Peek

Swan River Press Paperbacks!

"The Specter Priestess of Wrightstone" / A Rare Ghost Story by Herman F....

Waiting for the End of the World, by R.B. Russell

Follies and Grottoes, You Say?

'Roaring Tower' by Stella Gibbons

Beast Within | Horror Movie Trailer

'The Black Stone Statue' by Mary Elizabeth Counselman

Early Haunts

'The House Party at Smoky Island' by Lucy Ward Montgomery

"The Shunned House" by H. P. Lovecraft / A HorrorBabble Production

'Young Magic' by Helen Simpson

'The Nightmare Room' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

'Stones' by Malcolm Christopher

RIP Diana Rigg

"The Story of the Late Mr Elvesham" by H G Wells

'Outside the House' by Bessie Kyffin-Taylor

'The Red Bungalow' by Bithia Mary Croker


'The House' by Katherine Mansfield

'The Hall Bedroom' by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

'Dreamer' by Barbara Baynton

Leap in the Dark: The Living Grave by David Rudkin

'The Green Bowl' by Sarah Orne Jewett

Early Haunts - Graphic Ghosts

Leap In The Dark — Pilot — 09/01/1973

'The Blue Room' by Lettice Galbraith

'A Twin-Identity' by Edith Stewart Drewry

Women's Weird 2 - Running Review

Where Are The Bones?

THE UNDERTAKER'S HOME Trailer (2020) Ghost Horror

Idylls of the Poet - Review

Note to self - put more songs in stories...


DECOMMISSIONED | TRAILER | Indie HORROR Filmmaking Documentary

About Bloody Time!

The Ghost of Rashmon Hall - With Valentine Dyall

Blackwood Stories Illustrated by Sidney Walter Stanley

Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music

Strange Houses of Sleep

Lot No. 249 by Arthur Conan Doyle (A Tale of the Supernatural)

Munky (Swan River Press 2020) by B. Catling - Review