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Tartarus Press Paperbacks

H.P. Lovecraft Collection® Vol. 2: Dreams of Cthulhu

'War Games'


A Mass of Cobwebs

"Count Magnus" by M. R. James (Narrated by Ian Gordon)

Yeah, bub, never you mind...


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'Voluntary Work'

A Radio Ghost Story about Radio Ghost Stories...

'Ghosts - Treat Them Gently!'


Terror in the Shadows

'Job Start'

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Nudity in the Cathedral

Takut: Faces of Fear (2008)

Buy this book IF YOU DARE

'House Party'

'Writers' Retreat'


Readers' Poll ST #38

The Uninvited

New Film on Clark Ashton Smith - Trailer

'Wing Man'

Between Two Worlds (1944)

Pete & Dud 1966 talk about UFO's & Supernatural

'Tour Guide'

The Thing on the Doorstep (2014)

'The Birdcage'

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From our 'What were they thinking!?' files

Belsay - The Yellow Wallpaper as Art Installation

'Sparks from the Fire'

'Holiday Reading'

Women in Horror Month!

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