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Little Mouse

A Warning to the Curious


Christopher Lee IS (or was) M. R. James

The Phantom Coach : A ghost story for Christmas

Carmilla (Surrender into the Roses) - Kate Bush


Ring Out, Solstice Bells - Astronomers Victorious

The Ten Steps

The Wailing Well (MR James)

Stigma 1977 BBC Xmas Ghost Story

Scrooge (1935) - Full Movie

A very young Rik Mayall

Glorious Nemesis

The Eclipse

RIP Ken Russell

Straw Bears and Parallel Universes

Beyond the Sea

Imitation is the sincerest etcetera

The Orphan Palace

The Awakening

In the Night - In the Dark

Scary Girl

On general release - a ghost story

For Remembrance Day

Victorian Spirit Photography

Spooky British magazine covers

M.R. James again

Roger Johnson's New Book!

Tell Tale Heart Animation

Nunkie Fun

Be told!

The Monkey Mirror & Other Stories

Kuroneko (Kaneto Shindo, 1968)

Grauniad's Halloween Quiz

The Raven: Read by Christopher Walken

Spooky Toon for Halloween

Halloween Movie Finale - Best of British

Halloween Movie Ideas 7 - Ringu

Halloween Movie Ideas 6 - Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary

Halloween Movie Ideas 5 - Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

Halloween Movie Ideas 4 - The Last Broadcast

Halloween Movie Ideas 3 - Tales of Terror

Halloween Movie Ideas 2 - The Fog

Halloween Movie Ideas 1 - Kwaidan

Hairy hands...

Review: A Bracelet of Bright Hair

Irish Ghosts on Stage

Curfew Reviewed!

Also survived encounter with yetis...

Remember the competition...

ST20 on the way

Shadows & Tall Trees

Curfew and Other Eerie Tales

A Bracelet of Bright Hair

Ice Age

ST20 Cover and Contents

Leslie Nielsen and M.R. James

Quiet Houses

ST9 Sold Out

Day Terrors

Rats by M.R. James Trailer

Worse Than Myself - Review

Readability issues

Cold Hand in Mine