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The Phantom Coach : A ghost story for Christmas

A good short film based on the Victorian tale by Amelia B. Edwards, who was an Egyptologist of renown as well as a professional author and journalist. Almost forgotten today, she was one of those lady novelists of the 19th century who enjoyed tremendous success. It's remarkable, to say the least, that she pursued a second and equally notaqble career in archaeology.


Anonymous said…
I caught this one a while back. It was very nicely done. The way the original story builds the sense of dread once the narrator enters the phantom coach is a work of supernatural art in itself.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, I forgot to add Merry Christmas Valdemar (Dave)!
valdemar said…
Thanks! Just got back after being away over weekend - a fact I didn't want to advertise, of course, as naughty people can easily get my address.

TPC is indeed a rather good adaptation - it puts to shame many much costlier and more prestigious TV and film drama.