Saturday, 1 November 2014

A whistle for the doctor...

The BBC's long-running medical soap Doctor's had a Hallowe'en special. The blurb on the BBC iPlayer reads:

'Al is forced to confront his scepticism of the supernatural when he finds a whistle with mysterious powers.'

You can see it here. It's available for four weeks.

UPDATE: Just watched it. A rather fun adaptation, owing something to Miller's Omnibus version with Michael Hordern. Nice to see the emphasis on the Templars with their shadowy past and Crusading role, plus the use (twice) of the Walter Scott lines. For a daytime show with a low budget, the actual Thing was pretty good. The writer, Jeremy Hylton Davies, is to be congratulated for getting an enjoyable ghost story onto BBC television. No easy task.

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Martin Roberts said...

Agreed... lots of nice references to James throughout. I forgot I was watching a soap opera until the teaser for the next episode ran.

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