The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Mazes (Sarob Press 2020)

I like big mazes and I cannot lie!

Here is a fine collection of fourteen stories - six previously unpublished - dealing with various aspects of the maze. As you can see the Paul Lowe cover shows a circular maze based on that in 'Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance', one of my favourite M.R. James stories.

Editor Rosemary Pardoe points out in her introduction, there are many types of maze, and that influential story deals with just one aspect of a strange and ancient concept. She also notes a good few examples of how 'Mr Humphreys...' has influenced other authors. She also points to an example of a maze near Cambridge that could well have served as the model for the fateful one in that story.

I'm looking forward to reading (or re-reading) some fine tales. First up is a story by Mark Valentine, so I'm bound to learn something esoteric. See you at the centre...


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