Penda's Fen Fans, Please Note...

David Rudkin, author of the TV cult classic Penda's Fen, has written a 10-part audio series available here.
Join a stellar cast including Juliet Stevenson, Toby Jones, Josie Lawrence, Michael Pennington and Stephen Rea, among many others on an enlightening journey across the British Isles with this dramatic audio cycle that will transform your sense of the landscape around you.
I am saving these for the evenings, natch, but the synopses are fascinating to say the least.
An invisible presence haunts the river-crossing, bound by guilt and rooted by betrayal. Layer by historical layer, the celebrated name of the world-famous location is revealed.

Modern England is transformed into an ancient bloody battlefield, as seen by the driver of an HGV truck as it hurtles down the motorway towards Warwickshire. 
A ghostly homage to MR James set in remote North Wessex, in which the land itself begins to tell us what it once did to a man who tried in vain to master it.

A teenage girl finds herself trapped in a prehistoric identity when, on a research trip in Sussex with school friends, she begins to see visions of the place's Neanderthal past.


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