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Zombie Women of Satan(?)

It's always nice when you read in your local paper that some enthusiasts are making a genuine horror movie in your neck of the woods. So I was intrigued when I read last year - or was it the year before? - that something was going on County Durham.

Now comes the review in SFX. It begins thusly:

'Al-Qaeda should use this horror comedy as a recruiting tool - watching it, the notion that Western society deserves annihilation briefly seems reasonable. You slide through disbelief, boredom and anger into a despair so crushing it's akin to grief.'

If you'd like to know which movie prompted this somewhat negative reaction, the official website is here. If you want to see some of that local media coverage, a report from Cannes (no less) is here.


Todd T said…
Now that is funny. Right there in your neighborhood, apparently, the generation of the single worst piece of art in history.
valdemar said…
Oh, let's be fair - Dan Brown had no part in this. Nor did I, in case you were wondering. But I do know someone who knows one of the producers/directors/writers/stars. I'm not angling for an introduction.