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ST 18

Right, despite the fact that my kitchen ceiling has fallen in, causing me some distress (but not actually hitting me), I am well on the way to having ST18 on the stocks, the launch pad, the slipway, or the thing in Star Trek that might be a space dock. Whatever it is, the magazine is very nearly on it. But what's going to be in it?

Fiction: the following stories will appear, dash it all, barring last minute withdrawals. Oo-er missus.*

The Demon Lover - Jane Jakeman
An Englishwoman travelling alone in Eastern Europe just after WW2 encounters a community apparently unscathed by the recent conflict. Or any conflict...

Bracken Row - Gemma Farrow
A car-crash victim wakes up in what is not a typical NHS emergency unit.

Body of Work - Sam Dawson
A work of art should alive - up to a point.

Foglass - Stephen J. Clark
A literary detective sets out to unearth the truth about an obscure writer of supernatural fiction.

The Light Wraith - Michael Chislett
A worker in London's Docklands has a very nasty migraine indeed.

Silas's Rat - Ian E. Bunting
A heinous crime leads to somewhat Lovecraftian retribution.

The Face that Looks Back at You - Michael Kelly

Modern horror is seldom so poetic and evocative. A sad tale's best for winter.

Non-fiction is also looking quite healthy. I've had no less than three people volunteer to review new books! So Douglas Campbell is tackling The Best of Best New Horror, Rebekah Memel is reviewing The Glass Demon by Helen Grant, and Peter Bell (star of ST17) offers his thoughts on Ray Russell's Literary Remains.

*In my part of the world, coitus interruptus is known as 'getting off at Gateshead'. True.


Michael Kelly said…
Er, what's this about your kitchen? Everything okay?

Looking forward to ST18. And 17, for that matter. Thanks for the kind words.
valdemar said…
I'm fine, Michael - escaped Doom. Hope ST17 gets to you soon. If not, let me know and I'll send a replacement copy.
Michael Kelly said…
Ah, glad you are safe. Will let you know when ST17 arrives.