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Supernatural Tales 15 is supposedly printed and has been despatched to me. Trouble is, it hasn't arrived. I did get the invoice, which was very reasonable. Well, it would have been if I'd received the goods I'd paid for. It was ever thus - the demand for money has winged sandals, the actual product you're paying for is being carried by asthmatic ant up the A19. Oh well. Suffice to say that I will continue to chase up the magazine and - who knows? - what is officially the summer issue may well be posted out before the autumn.

In more positive news - Pay Me, I'm Your Pal! I am opening a PayPal account so that people can buy ST online. This blog doesn't count as a proper website, but that's no problem - payments can be made through the exciting PayPal website itself. All I have to do is sort out a few bank details and I'll be up and running in a week or so. Huzzah!

As literary ghost stories are in short supply, here's a bit of a supposedly true one. Amazing that I've lived in Britain all my life and have never encountered a ghost, despite this being the most haunted nation on the planet. Of course, some shop assistants do qualify as the undead...


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