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Arise, Sir Dracula

Well, sort of. It shows how narrowly focused (and fed up) one can be at work. My job actually involves knowing the news, among other things, but I totally missed the knighthood given to the tall terror, Christopher Lee. A generation know him as Saruman and, erm, Lord Dooku in the rubbish Star Wars prequels. An earlier generation known him as Count Dracula, and of course he prompted a generation of small boys to put bits of orange peel in their mouths and pretend to have fangs... Or was that just me?

Anyway, hat-tip to the excellent Frankensteinia blog for the fact. Rightly, the author points out that Lee was also Hammer's first monster. Not Frankenstein. Frankenstein was the man, not the monster. Don't mix 'em up. It annoys people.