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Magazine fun

At last - ST15 has arrived and is sitting in a big box under the kitchen table. Obviously you can't see it from where you are, so I will have to post individual issues to readers. Gosh. Fortunately I have a stockpile of envelopes and am about to buy a ton of stamps. First up go the authors' complementary copies, then the copies to reviewers and influential editors - big hello to Ellen Datlow in New York - and finally the issues go out, alphabetically ordered, to regular subscribers. So, please have patience. After a very long wait and a lot of hassle, I'm posting them out in the next week or so. Gosh it's hot. Here's a picture of a cat to keep us all happy.


Todd T said…
Eager to see ST15. Thanks for keeping on keeping on.

A cat basking in a sunbeam is fine, but if he's going to stick around, maybe he can earn his mackerel by applying stamps to envelopes, instead of watching you and making silent remarks.
valdemar said…
If only I had a pussycat. I like cats. Indeed, I'm a big fan of animals in general, even moths. But as I live alone and am out at work a lot I don't think a pet would be properly cared for. Unless I hired some kind of pet-butler. Which sounds insane. So I content myself with regular visits to my mother's cats (and my mother, obviously).