Friday, 27 September 2019

Tom Johnstone Collection - Out Soon!

Tom has been kind enough to send me a PDF of his new book, which is published by Omnium Gatherum. I will get around to reviewing it, honest. There's certainly a lot of it to read - knowing Tom's talent, any reader will find much to absorb and delight them.

Wellsbourne’s a town like no other, an ordinary English seaside town where extraordinary things happen, a place of magic, mystery and madness. Here you’ll meet the woman stalked by drones and her own past, the politician who discovers the dark secret of the Green Man, the corpse collector with another self, the girl who menstruates yellow paint and the woman with the red, red hands. You’ll discover a garden that can disappear, boxes of books haunted by a dead writer and a 3D printer that can bring the dead back to life, though in a somewhat altered state. Wellsbourne welcomes careful drivers, but doesn’t necessarily let them leave again…

I also have the table of contents - one title here should be familiar to ST readers. 'What I Found in the Shed' appeared in #31.

Introduction: “Haunting Strange Places” by Dr David Bramwell
The Wakeman Recreation Ground 
What I Found in the Shed 
The Follow Up 
From Rojava With Love 
Mask of the Silvatici 
Little Match Stick Girl 
Jim Bloom’s Van 
The Guardian of the Gateway 
Down the Plug-Hole 
The Coroner’s Collector (A Good Body Washed Up On The Beach Story) 
The Beast in the Palace 
Stealer of Faces 
Our Lady of the Red Hands 
Oldstone Gardens 
The Apotheosis of Jenny Swallow 
A Bloody Mary, a Tomato Juice and a Tin of Yellow Paint 
Last Stop: Wellsbourne 
You Have Reached Your Destination 
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