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M.R. James Games!

Do you like games? I like games, so long as they're not too noisy, like Twister or that Russian one with the gun. Over at Pleasing Terror Games there are games for fans of the Jamesian ghost story, with one currently in development that you can offer feedback on.


Cards for the Curious is a dice-rolling, story-telling game.
Play the leading role in a series of chilling ghost stories from the canon of M. R. James. Embark on a terrifying journey of the imagination, as you try to survive the nameless dread that hunts you, with either your life or your sanity intact. Relive all the main drama of the actual tale, but, with a host of other encounters thrown in the mix, no story will ever be told the same way twice.
Sounds brilliant, and the illustrations by Richard Svensson are great.

foreboding ruin for website

Simpler, and a good introduction to M.R. James' world of spine-chilling (but nostalgic) horror is a card game called Monsters & Miscreants.


The Monster of the Runes

Top Trumps of Terror, basically.

Why not toddle over to the site and check it out? These people deserve the support of all ghost story fans for giving us something to do on a wet Sunday afternoon.


acep hale said…
Thanks so much for the heads up. You consistently find wondrous things.