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"It's Coming! The Demon!"

Well, not really. But the next issue of Supernatural Tales is ready for lift-off, and will be with subscribers shortly. How shortly depends upon the vagaries of the postal system, as per. But when it arrives people will be pleased, in my opinion. Here are some details:
'Even the Veins of Leaves' by Chloe N. Clark. A sheriff's deputy sets off into a forest  to search for missing teenagers. Local legend has it that there's a lost town in the woods, and that something strange dwells there... 
'The Ground of the Circuit' by Charles Wilkinson. A wealthy couple take over a remote property in rural England, but can't get rid of a sitting tenant. The old man has some rather unusual ideas about life and death - theories he's been working on for quite a long time. 
'Waiting for Breakfast' by S.M. Cashmore. Nothing is more important to a family than a nice, secure home. Callers are welcome, though - so long as they don't plan on leaving again.  
'A Little Lost Thing' by Jeremy Schliewe. A middle-aged man meets a woman who remembers him. So why has he forgotten her, and what else has slipped his mind? 
'Masque: The Herald of the Pest' by Michael Chislett. In a strange, decadent city a festival begins, despite the looming threat of a white plague. What will the great unmasking reveal? 
'The Ghost on the Hill' by Kathy Stevens. On a bench a woman is joined by a young man. She is waiting for someone, and he is about to have a life-changing experience. You can listen to a reading of the story here.

Cover by Sam Dawson.

 Supernatural Tales 32