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32 - the Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Minus ten.

Issue 32 is out and about. Contributors'  copies are on their way, and subscribers (you lovely people) should be getting  their issues in the next week or so. Meanwhile, trendy internet using folk can toddle along to the page marked Buy Supernatural Tales! See above, there's a tab and everything. You can buy it electronically from Amazon for Kindle. Soon (it's uploading as I type) it will also be available from Smashwords.

I hope you enjoy it! And remember, we will be having a poll for the best story in issue 31 soon, so as to announce the winner in issue 33. Hope that makes sense.

Haunted House by Sam Dawson

And yes, there's at least one haunted house - of a kind - in this issue. No false advertising from me, matey.