Saturday, 5 April 2014

Poe Statue

And about time too. The Edgar Allan Poe Foundation (based in Boston) has raised enough cash to put up a statue to the author, complete with added raven. Story is here. This is what it'll look like. It will cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Ironic when you consider that Poe spent much of his life scrabbling for much smaller sums.

Proposed Poe statue

I can't see M.R. James getting this kind of treatment any time soon. But all credit to the weird fiction fans of America - and beyond - who've got behind this project.

Inscriptions don't seem to be fashionable in these post-literate times, but perhaps exceptions can be made for statues of writers? Anyway, I'd suggest the following, from 'Alone':

From childhood's hour I have not been 
As others were; I have not seen 
As others saw; I could not bring 
 My passions from a common spring.

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terlee said...

Excellent statue design. I love how the coat is blowing back...and wow, that raven. The quote you picked is just right.

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