The Fall of the House of Usher

It's on ze wireless zis week. BBC Radio 7 has at least done its share of Poe pushing to mark the poor chap's bicentenary. Nobody else seems to have paid much attention. Poe may be a minor writer, but when I was a young chap it seemed that virtually every literary anniversary got a right old hoohah in the media. Post-literate culture? Maybe. 

Ah well, here's a bit of fun from not one, but two admirers of Edgar.


Todd T said…
I live in the general vicinity of Baltimore, USA, and you'll be glad to hear that there has been a lot of Poe-related activity inspired by the anniversary: readings and portrayals, tours, and later in the year his funeral procession will be reenacted.
Todd T said…
I've just read further down (or up?) your blog to the previous entry and its link to the story of the battle for Poe. Quite true. Baltimore does hold a few of the key distinctions, but certainly not all.
valdemar said…
'Edgar Allan Poe ho ho ho did it,
But he did in verse'

I will look forward to interweb images of his funeral procession. Odd, but true.

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