Wednesday 19 April 2023

Best Horror of the Year - Vol 15

Over at the realm of the legendary Ellen Datlow, we find the table of contents for the latest of her prestigious anthologies. And gosh, wow, golly gee and so forth, an ST contribution does indeed appear. It's Steve Duffy's story 'The Harvester of Ladslove' from the rather spiffing issue 50, which you can purchase here if you like.

I send every issue of ST (in print form) to Ellen because I think she 'get's it' and she is always very keen to see what I'm publishing. It's interesting that she picked that particular story, given that it is very 'British' The setting is during and just after the First World War, which registers much less strongly on US cultural radar than it does here for obvious reasons. On the other hand, there's a hell of a monster, and the gradual buildup to the final scene is masterly. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that quality will out and it's a good thing that it does.

Any road up, congratulations to Steve Duffy, who did his apprenticeship, honed his craft, and has never failed to deliver a solid, well-crafted piece of fiction. I suspect that, were he a novelist, he would be considered one of the contemporary greats by many more people. As things stand, I'm lucky to know the guy. 

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