Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Ghost Story (1981) Official Trailer HD

RIP Peter Straub (1943-2022). If you don't know the only(!) Hollywood movie based on his work, check out Ghost Story. It has been somewhat neglected, which is unfair. It's an excellent ghostly horror film. 

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Anonymous said...

I owned GHOST STORY on videotape when I was young, and the death of Douglas Fairbanks Jr's character lingered in my mind the most. I now own a 1981 paperback which I bought in Cambridge, Mass ten years ago. It has been lying, unread, on my shelf for the past decade, because I had always thought of Peter Straub as one of those tedious mainstream authors, despite his familiarity with the genre and its most esteemed practitioners. Perhaps this autumn or winter will be the time that I finally read GHOST STORY?

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