Saturday, 30 June 2018

Issue 38 Story Taster #1

Supernatural Tales 38: Summer 2018 by [Surface, David , McCall, Katie, Chislett, Michael, Howard, John , Cashmore, Stephen, Jakeman, Jane]

Greg found the email waiting in his inbox on Monday morning, the subject line shouting at him from the screen in capital letters: LOCKDOWN DRILL ALERT. Greg had seen pictures of lockdown drills. Children curled in fetal positions under their desks, armoured SWAT teams with automatic weapons charging down school hallways. In one photo, the face of one SWAT team member was flushed blood-red, his mouth frozen open in an animal-like howl. Greg could hear those angry shouts ricocheting off the metal lockers, stabbing deep into the ears of the terrified children huddled at the edges of the photograph.

'Intruders' by David Surface

E-zine is already available here.

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