Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Best Horror of the Year Long List .

Ellen Datlow's Long List for the latest issue (Volume 8) of her justly-famed anthology is out, and ST is well-represented. Here are the contenders, all pretty darn good in my book. Place your bets! And remember, all issues of these spiffing magazines are still available. Click on the link to the Buy page above.

Read, Jane “Service Charge,” Supernatural Tales 29, spring.

Schliewe, Jeremy “Distance,” Supernatural Tales 29, spring.

Parker, Rosalie “Selkie—A Scottish Idyll,” Supernatural Tales 29, spring.

Duffy, Steve “Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage,” Supernatural Tales 30, Autumn.

Golaski, Adam, “Wild Dogs,” Supernatural Tales 30, Autumn.

Grant, Helen “30” Supernatural Tales 30, Autumn.

Rucker, Lynda E. “An Element of Blank,” Supernatural Tales, 30, Autumn.

Johnstone, Tom “What I found in the Shed,” Supernatural Tales 31, Winter 2015/6

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