Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Gaslit Romance

Cardinal Cox is at it again, so to speak. He's produced yet another free poetry pamphlet, and this time is of far from marginal interest to lovers of supernatural fiction. In fact, I think it's one of his best yet.

This is a scan of one of the poems. The collection is dedicated to E.G. Swain, author of the Stoneground Ghost Tales. There's a story arc of sorts in A Gaslit Romance, beginning with Doctor John Dee's strange antics, moving through alchemical experiments, and culminating in Victorian spiritualism. As always the Cardinal provides fascinating notes to each poem, placing them within a historical context - though it's not quite history as we know it! As always, I stand in awe of the poet's esoteric learning.

You can get a copy of A Gaslit Romance from Cardinal Cox, if you send him a C5 stamped, addressed envelope, while stocks last. Send your SAE to:

58 Pennington
Orton Goldhay

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