ST21 is being posted out...

Please be patient, subscriber, your copy will be with you shortly. It seems a bit early for a Summer issue, but postal rates rise at the beginning of April (as usual) so I thought I'd buy the stamps early to save a bit of money. Overseas copies may take several weeks, as surface mail is highly unpredictable. UK subscribers will receive their copies before the end of March.

While you're waiting, let me point to the link on the list to left, which takes you to an excellent site called A Thin Ghost. As well as online texts of M.R. James' ghost stories, it also provides handy lists of adaptations (many sadly lost, it seems) and illustrations for classic stories. Here's one for 'The Mezzotint':

A bit spooky, eh? And here's another one:

All in all, it's a very interesting site.


Anonymous said…
Got mine already! Made my day coming home to this delivery; and what a line-up!
valdemar said…
That's good news - I should explain that I send overseas copies out first by surface mail, not air mail, so in theory they can take over a month. But it's a weird system and sometimes they arrive within a week.

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