I'm Tired...

Due to travelling to and from Glasgow for work purposes yesterday. Gosh, what fun. The actual visit, to the RNIB radio station Insight (look it up, it's good), was very rewarding. But oh dear, the getting up in the morning to catch the train. And oooh dear, the journey back. The East Coat mainline was almost paralysed due to electrical problems. So they produced a diesel 'unit' towing what should have been an electric train. And it turned out that the diesel had a half-empty fuel tank, so the train to Kings Cross didn't get any further than Newcastle. Which, luckily, was our stop. But not that of the vast majority of the poor sods on board. Remember when we complained about evil, socialist, British Rail? It's true - you don't know when you're well off. King Log gives way to King Stork, and life gets that much more interesting.


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