Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Okay, sorry I'm so late. The sitch is as follows:

1. The ST Mike Chislett special is at the printer and due for delivery next week.
2. The regular ST12 is also at the printer but no fixed date for delivery as yet. Let's say late October.
3. The postal system is in meltdown. Let's hope they sort it out before Xmas.
4. I've been asked to write some stories for a new publisher. I am flattered. I am also worried that I won't be able to produce anything good...

Stay tuned for terror!


Adam Golaski said...


Have you seen Ellen Datlow's Live Journal? This may be worth following.

If you look at the comments for October 9th (you'll have to scroll down; there are almost 200 comments, all because the insecure editor of Clarkesworld decided he had to be louder than anyone who suggested that his initial comment--the first for this entry--is only a great display of ignorance--as it is), you'll see that I plugged ST. And, if you read Ellen's reply, you'll see she agrees with my plug. You are a rockstar. And so I know you'll be able to write those stories.

valdemar said...

Thanks for the ego-boosting antics! I'm surprised (pleasantly) at so many people taking an interest. I have plenty of ideas for stories, but they are never hard to come by. I'll need some time off work to sit down and write something. And Christmas is coming, ever faster, like a big jingly tinsel-wrapped juggernaut...

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