PLEASE NOTE: Supernatural Tales is only open to submissions from:

1. Any author whose work I have previously published.
2. Any author explicitly endorsed by one whose work I have previously published.


I set an upper limit of 7,000 words on a submission. I might consider something longer, but it had better be brilliant. The lower limit is 1,500 words.


I prefer files in Word or RTF submitted by email to:

Please submit one story at a time, and include a brief author bio (up to fifty words).

ST is also published an as ebook. If you don't want your story appear in ebook form as well as in print, please do not submit to ST.

I will try to respond to you quickly (i.e. in weeks, rather than months).

I reject stories I don't like, or at least don't like enough to publish. I will not enter into a discussion of why I reject a story. It's just a matter of personal taste.

A story submitted to Supernatural Tales should be classifiable as... a tale of the supernatural. I have read a lot of supernatural fiction in my fifty-odd years, so it takes something special to interest me. I prefer 'quiet horror', without graphic descriptions of violence.

Among the authors ST has published are: Steve Rasnic Tem, Nina Allan, Lynda E. Rucker, Steve Duffy, Helen Grant, Adam Golaski, Ray Russell, Rosalie Parker, Peter Bell, C.E. Ward, Michael Kelly, Ian Rogers, S.P. Miskowski, Simon Strantzas, Tina Rath, Michael Chislett, Gary McMahon, Gary Fry, Louis Marvick, Mark Valentine, and Joel Lane. If you've never heard of ANY of them it might not be worthwhile submitting your work to me.

Rights and Related Matters

The rights to a story remain with the author, and I have no right to do anything with it at all, ever, after it appears in ST. By the same token, though, I would rather not receive stories that are about to be published in book form (i.e. within six months of ST publication). Stories that have appeared on websites are a tricky area and I can't generalise. But obviously publication on a very popular site will mean that the story is effectively second-hand and I'd be obliged if an author would tell me this.

'After all this, what meagre reward can I expect?'

Precious little, really. Contributors to ST receive two free copies of the magazine in the case of fiction, one free copy in the case of non-fiction. I think that, for the aspiring writer, ST is a good option - for the seasoned professional, maybe not so much. You be the judge!


If someone sends me a book that I find interesting, I promise to at the very least review it on the blog. If I really like it I will include a review in the magazine, too. I'll happily accept eBooks that will work on a Kindle, and sending an electronic rather than a physical copy will not bias me against the book. PDF is fine. If it's good, it's good in any format.

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