Friday, 23 September 2016


River Deben
M.R. James country. Flat, yet with plenty of cover where Things can lurk...

Fans of Monty James' ghost stories will know what, in 'A Warning to the Curious', he refers to a Saxon crown being unearthed at Rendlesham on the East Anglian coast many centuries ago. Well, it seems that a bit more digging has been going on in that area, and the result is a major archaeological find.
About 4,000 items, including intricate metalwork, coins and weights, have been found at Rendlesham. About 1,000 of them are Anglo-Saxon, Ms Minter said. 
Dr Helen Geake of the British Museum said while the "palace" find was "incredibly exciting", it could be one of a number dotted around East Anglia. 
"There would have been quite a few of these palaces or halls dotted around," she said. 
"The king [of the time] would have toured his kingdom in order to show his magnificence to his people, so he would have had lots of places to base himself around East Anglia."
Rendlesham is of course not far from Sutton Hoo, where a major Anglo-Saxon find occurred in 1939, just three years after MJR died. So far as we know, ghostly guardians have not been going around knocking off hapless antiquarians as a result of either excavation.

Sutton Hoo warrior's helmet
Sutton Hoo helmet with someone keeping a close eye on it. You never know.

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