Saturday, 10 September 2016

Preacher Renewed

The disappointment I felt at the cancellation of The Living and the Dead by the BBC has been somewhat assuaged by my discovery that the excellent Preacher has been granted a second season of 13 episodes. (The first season had 10.)

Having just re-watched the show I can only say it it mproves on a second viewing. The town of Annville, Texas, with its population of assorted dingbats, perverts, lunatics, and militant atheist businessmen (yes, really) is wonderfully evoked. The central characters, most of them played by British actors, are intriguing examples of flawed humanity - or, in one case, flawed vampirosity. And the supporting cast, which is often the deal-breaker for me, is superb. This is a series in which a character who is always dead drunk and sometimes has his pants stolen is more interesting than the protagonists of lesser shows.

So, check out Preacher if you feel that way inclined. Seldom has a show about religion, free will, and the existential choices we are compelled to make or avoid been so much fun. Here are some clips of extreme fictional violence and some people talking about the show.

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