Sunday, 17 July 2016

Caveat Emptor!

Somebody is trying to sell a 'lost James McBryde illustration' for an M.R. story on eBay. Yeah, right.

This is it. It looks a bit crap, tbh, and I'm racking my brains as to which M.R. James story it might 'illustrate'. The seller suggests 'Canon Alberic', which is absurd as a. it looks nothing like any scene from the story and b. McBryde successfully illustrated that story anyway. But that's not stopped the seller from asking £895. Phew.

As usual, I'm in the wrong business. If I had to guess I'd say this was a magazine illustration from around the same time, but nothing to do with MRJ. The fact that the seller claims to have 'many more' works by McBryde ought to give even the most naive person pause for thought.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Lost Boys - a graphic sequel

One of the best horror movies of the Eighties is getting a comic book/graphic novel reboot, or at least a sequel. More at the link.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Shirley Jackson Awards

Congratulations to Steve Duffy for winning the Shirley Jackson Novelette Award for his splendid modern ghost story 'Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage'. It appeared in ST 30, which is of course still tremendously available!

Also congratulations to Lynda E. Rucker for her Short Fiction Award, for 'The Dying Season', which appeared in the anthology Aickman's Heirs from Undertow. And that book won the award for Best Edited Anthology. Well done to editor Simon Strantzas and to Michael Kelly, head honcho at Undertow Publications.

Just to give you some idea of the level of competition, Best Single Author Collection for Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

Friday, 8 July 2016

The Haunter (Extract)

Here's me reading a bit from the prologue of my second horror-lite novella from US publisher Scare Street.