Monday, 24 September 2018

Transylvanian Nymph Cult

Ah, yes, great band - I remember buying their first album, back when it was all vinyl...

No, hang on, it's actually an item about archaeology. And a very odd item it is:
Deep in the darkest reaches of Cioclovina Cave in Transylvania, archaeologists have discovered an astonishing amount of jewelry and skulls that have been estimated to date back 3,300 years. It is now believed that this site was once a subterranean temple of sorts that may have been used as part of a nymph cult, with offerings given to the naiads who dwelt in this sacred location.
It's a fascinating read, connecting classic literature - Homer and all that - with discoveries concerning East-West trade routes.
In particular, the glass beads that were discovered inside the cave were fashioned out of both Egyptian and Mesopotamian glass which have been dated from between 1400 to 1100 BC. Along with these glass beads, archaeologists also found 1,770 amber beads that had originated in Scandinavia.
But for some of us it's going to be about the skulls, of course. Because nymphs collecting skulls in a cave has a certain appeal.

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