Monday, 24 September 2018

Radio Spookery

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I've been neglecting radio drama, which I love and listen to a lot. So here are a few links to some BBC supernatural tales that are available on the iPlayer (in the UK, at least).

I See The Moon
'1967: Richard Thornton is at a planning conference. In the big house where he's staying, he comes across a little girl on the top landing. He comforts her and promises to return, but his hosts deny any knowledge of her. Can she really have disappeared into thin air?'
I enjoyed this one, which felt quite substantial and heartfelt in the way it links a ghost story to the postwar planning blight that devastated Britain more effectively than the Lutfwaffe.

Ancient Sorceries

Only six days left to listen to the late lamented Philip Madoc read this abridged version of Blackwood's classic tale. A great bedtime listen. Four 30 minute episodes.

The Dead Hand

Wilkie Collins, in a bit of fine old Victorian Gothic. "When he looked at the bed now, he saw hanging over the side of it a long, white hand."

Next, an American radio version of 'The Ash-Tree' by M.R. James. Nice little half hour condensed version.

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