Saturday, 15 September 2018

'Maria's Silence'

'Maria was perched on the back of the stone horse. Cross-legged, chin in palm, scowling into the distance.'

Maria's appearance on the statue in the town square is all the more surprising, as she is dead. Maria's ghost becomes the focus of attention in a small town that is - to me, at least - located in the republic of magic realism. The story has a Latin American feel, as various relatives, friends, and acquaintances of Maria try to elicit some response from her ghost. 

For me this tale by Carly Holmes is an anti-horror story. Maria has returned not to bring terror and suffering, but to try and improve the lives of those she unwisely left behind. Her silence is important. Silence is important in general. It is how we offer others the chance to speak. In a world of incessant, often idiotic noise, it's a timely story, for all its somewhat retro feel. 

More from Figurehead very soon. Lots of interesting stuff to come, I'll be bound! 

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