Sunday, 16 September 2018

Announcement - A New Collection of Stories by Jacqueline Simpson

In a heartwarming example of collaboration between Supernatural Tales Productions Inc. and Ro Pardoe's Haunted Library, a new book of tales by the renowned folklorist will soon be available via print on demand. More information soon, but in the meantime here is the list of contents.

"Preface" by Jacqueline Simpson

The Will Stone Stories
"Three Padlocks" 
"On Danish Dunes" 
"Where are the Bones…?"

"Vampire Viking Queen"

"Dragon Path"

"The Trophy"

"Rowland’s Hall"

"Purty Liddle Dears"

"The Game of Bear"

"The Guardian"

"The Pepper-pot"

"Afterword" by Gail-Nina Anderson

"A Note on Will Stone" by Rosemary Pardoe

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