Monday, 18 February 2019

Where are the Bones?

Where Are The Bones?

Here are the bones! This excellent book of M.R. Jamesian/folk horror tales is available to purchase online. Anyone who enjoys traditional ghost stories will find much to enjoy here. The contents are:

"Introduction" by Jacqueline Simpson

The Will Stone Stories

"Three Padlocks"
"On Danish Dunes"
"Where are the Bones...?"

"Vampire Viking Queen"

"Dragon Path"

"The Trophy"

"Rowland's Hall"

"Purty Liddle Dears"

"The Game of Bear"

"The Guardian

"The Pepper-Pot"

"Afterword" by Gail-Nina Anderson

"A Note on Will Stone" by Rosemary Pardoe


Unknown said...

An excellent collection of short stories, with some very definite chills, as well as humour.. I thoroughly recommend it. I think my favourite was 'The Guardian' though all were very good inded.

valdemar said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Tina!

Unknown said...

Very much. There'll be a full review in the Dracula Society newsletter, Voices from the Vaults.