Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Get Out (2017)

While not strictly a supernatural horror tale, Get Out has so many of the ingredients of the old-school Gothic horror film that I'm sure it will appeal to ST's target demographic thingy. Written and directed by US comedy star Jordan Peele, the film is a tale that blends America's long-standing racial inequalities with some mad science, to very powerful (and often funny) effect. The opening sequence, with a black man violently abducted by a helmeted figure in a leafy suburb, only hints at the wackiness to come.

British actor Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington, a talented photographer who happens to be black, and whose girlfriend Rose (Alison Williams) happens to be white. When the couple go to visit Rose's wealthy family for the weekend, Chris anticipates social embarrassment. What he does not expect is a large social gathering of rich white folks with some very odd attitudes. There is just one other black man who is not a domestic servant, When Chris innocently takes his picture the guy responds with a desperate warning to 'Get out!'

The film is a satire, but it's disturbing in a way that few more conventional horror flicks manage. An excellent cast and a tight script mean that it packs a lot into its average running time without seeming overburdened. Indeed, one thing I admired about the movie was how little exposition is offered, even as the Really Mad Stuff unfolds in the last twenty minutes or so. It kept me guessing right to the end, wondering if Chris could possibly survive what seems to be the worst possible trap.

So, if you get the chance, give Get Out a go. It's a film that delivers as a well-paced horror-thriller and bodes well for Jordan Peele's stint on the new Twilight Zone.

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