Friday, 1 February 2019

Where Are the Bones?

I'm delighted to announce the appearance of a new collection of supernatural fiction by an excellent author. Rosemary Pardoe's renowned Haunted Library has joined forces with Supernatural Tales to produce this collection of stories by leading folklore expert Jacqueline Simpson. You can buy the book online via Lulu here, using the same print-on-demand system as for ST. 

Where Are The Bones?

This volume contains all of Jacqueline's tales that first appeared in ST or Ghosts & Scholars, plus some extras. Needless to say, it's a cracking read and well worth getting your hands on. Many of these stories concern the M.R. James circle, particularly the three featuring Monty's friend and travelling companion Will Stone. But there is also a Lovecraftian story of cosmic shenanigans, and one aimed at fans of a long-running television series. There is a learned afterword by Dr. Gail-Nina Anderson, plus introduction and notes by the editor. Here are the contents:

"Introduction" by Jacqueline Simpson

The Will Stone Stories
"Three Padlocks" 
"On Danish Dunes" 
"Where are the Bones...?"
"Vampire Viking Queen"

"Dragon Path"

"The Trophy"

"Rowland's Hall"

"Purty Liddle Dears"

"The Game of Bear"

"The Guardian

"The Pepper-Pot"

"Afterword" by Gail-Nina Anderson"

"A Note on Will Stone" by Rosemary Pardoe

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