Thursday, 19 July 2018

'The Yellow Wallpaper' as modern art

Up the road from my present location at the lovely Belsay Hall, a Turner prize winning artist has created something strange.
Philipsz has created a new, sound-based installation titled The Yellow Wallpaper which runs from the 20 July to 16 September. The installation features the artist’s solitary and lilting voice that curls through the rooms of the hall, coaxing the visitor to follow it. Multi layered and emitting mysteriously, the visitor becomes aware of the dark lyrics of this beautifully sung ballad; The Unquiet Grave. A separate installation – ‘The Shallow Sea’ – can be heard from within the cellar. The spectral overlapping sound of Philipsz’ voice fills and reverberates around the spaces in the Hall, reinforcing a sense of ‘unquiet’.


'The Yellow Wallpaper opens to the public on July 20th at Belsay Hall Castle and Gardens in Northumberland and runs until 16 September.'

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Cardinal Cox said...

An exhibition organised by the similarly inspired by the Yellow Wallpaper came to Peterborough back in 2015, curated by Tom Gallant.