Wednesday, 11 July 2018

'Gardinel' & 'The Black Man'

These two linked stories complete the tiny trilogy (see below) concerning the adventures of the young witch, Janet Evelyn, as described by her familiar, Brown Jenkins. (Minor quibble - Janet names her familiar after the one in Lovecraft's 'The Dreams in the Witch-House', but gets the name wrong. I wonder why? I might be missing something.)

Anyway, in the very short 'Gardinel' familiar and witch discover that there is something seriously wrong with the house that they inherited from Janet's witch-mentoress. This is followed by 'The Black Man', a clever title that inverts conventional New England witch lore. In this case the man, Daniel, is in the black of a clergyman. At first, to Brown Jenkins' dismay, it seems that young Janet has the hots for the preacher man. But then things take turn for the vengeful, and the Gardinel makes itself useful in the denouement.

Brown Jenkins is a fun creation, and it would be nice to see more him and Janet in future. On the home straight with this running review - neither insane July heat nor football will deter me from getting to the end.


michael eisele said...


First, it's just 'Jenkins'- yes, the character in Lovecraft's tale was called 'Brown Jenkin', but you'll recall that Janet's familiar said he'd 'rather not have some other familiar's name, thank you very much,' so Janet shortened it to 'Jenkins' with an 's' cause of Jenkin baint no proper name in these yere hills, whereas Jenkins is. You'll likely recall also that Jenkins writes as weuns talks. I realize it's hot and England lost the World Cup, but please pay attention.

Anonymous said...

"..., but please pay attention." Michael, this last sentence comes across as VERY dick-ish to this passerby. Were you kidding? Inside joke?

valdemar said...

My words are writ in ether, not on stone.