Saturday, 26 October 2013

Quiz Answers!

The almost unbearable excitement of the Rapidly-Approaching-Hallowe'en Movie Quiz had literally several people trying to name the films in question. So, in case you were wondering who was right about what, here are the answers.

1. Tales from the Crypt (UK 1972)
Yes, it's Joan Collins discovering that when you're naughty, Santa is mightily displeased.

2. A Tale of Two Sisters (Korea 2003) 
A twisty plot recounting the very bizarre and bloody events of one fateful day, with a truly horrific finale.

3. The Asphyx (UK 1973)
Robert Stephens and Robert Powell battle death itself! Guess who wins?

4. Night/Curse of the Demon (UK 1957)
Brian Wilde, aka Foggy Dewhirst, does not go downhill in an old bathtub on wheels.

5. Dead of Night (UK 1945)
Golf really is a good walk spoiled in this fairly jolly interlude.

6. The Haunting (UK/US 1963)
The ultimate Gothic haunted house movie, for my money. Has it been bettered?

7. Kuroneko (Japan 1968)
Sexy and stylish tale of supernatural vengeance.

8. Kwaidan (Japan 1964)
Anthology of old folk tales retold by Lafcadio Hearn - wonderful stuff.

9. The Orphanage (Spain 2007)
Very effective and ultimately moving tale. 'Alas! Poor ghosts...'

10. The Devil Rides Out (UK 1968)
'We meet again Mr Bond... No, hang on a minute...'

11. The Eye (Hong Kong 2002)
Memorable ghosts in a film that takes itself just seriously enough to work superbly.

12. The Fog (US 1980)
Avoid rich lepers with swords would seem to be the moral of this story.

13. The Reptile (UK 1966)
The lovely Jacqueline Pearce in a Hammer classic.

Well, they're certainly clustering around two periods. There's that 'films I saw on late-night telly when I was young' period - the mid-to-late Seventies. Then there are the Asian horror movies I got into about fifteen years ago. Surprising dearth of American movies, I notice. 


Mark Fuller Dillon said...

"There's that 'films I saw on late-night telly when I was young' period - the mid-to-late Seventies."

And these are the films that I could identify!

valdemar said...

Yes, the BBC and ITV (their commercial rivals) did a wonderful job in the Seventies by simply running a lot of horror films.

Oscar Solis said...

I used to love that Friday nights were devoted to horror films in the 60's and 70's. Here in the USA we had hosts who would host tv shows devoted to scary movies, the most famous example being Elvira, although I preferred to watch Seymour, aka the great Larry Vincent. He was hilarious.

Did you have the same thing in Great Britain?

valdemar said...

I've heard of Elvira, but sadly we had nothing like that. We did have altogether more serious presenters doing offbeat movies.