Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Visit to 'Seaburgh'

Those crazy guys at the M.R. James podcast have been to Aldeburgh to check out the locations that inspired M.R. James's story 'A Warning to the Curious'.

You'll note the White Lion pub and the Martello Tower. When I visited Aldeburgh with A Ghostly Company a few years back we walked to the tower, only to be caught in a horrendous North Sea downpour. Thoroughly soaked, I tried to dry my socks in the Gents of the White Lion before having a reviving bowl of soup. Sorry for the damp patches on the furniture.

Oh, and check out the grave of Mrs Mothersole (more than one, in fact) at Great Livermere churchyard, which Monty J. knew so well as a lad.

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Sam said...

Marvellous work there. What a helpful short film