Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hallowe'en Film Quiz 2. Name the Character!

Yes, another quiz - no cheating wjth that Google machine on the intertrons, now. Thirteen classic movies (or at least, favourites of mine), and thirteen memorable horror movie villains, heroes, ghosts, victims... Just name names, and we'll let you off with a caution. Oh, and I've mixed some non-supernatural movies in this time (though definitions vary, and some are certainly genre-benders).

1. Nice easy one to start...

2. Off on one of my predictable excursions to the Orient.

3. And while we're in Japan...

4. Now here's a classic that I love.

5. And here's a non-classic by any standard - as a movie. We're looking for the girl in the dress, not the guy who's probably lost his deposit on that suit.

6. Time for another legendary actor chappie. Remember, it's the character we want.

7. Lawks, they don't get much classier than this bloke. But who's he playing?

8. Two names needed, here.

9. And two names needed here, as it happens.

10.  Use a bit of lateral thinking...

11. We all know the film, but what was the given name of the baddie/monster?

12. Skip Martin is the actor, playing a Poe character - sort of.

13. And finally, a great moment from one of the best Hammer films. But who is the hapless visionary?


Mark Fuller Dillon said...


These I can identify.

I might be able to identify double person #8....

Oscar Solis said...

2. Sadako
4. Doctor Moreau
6. Lord Summerisle
7. Abraham Van Helsing
8. Charles Dexter Ward/Joseph Curwen (?)
9. Carmilla Karnstein
10. Victor Frankenstein
11. Imhotep/ Ardath Bey (just saw the film - love it)
12. Hopfrog

Oscar Solis said...

What were the final answers?

valdemar said...

Well, Oscar, you got most of then, but...

1. Stevie Wayne (The Fog).

3. Asami (Audition).

5. Buffy 'the Vampire Slayer' Summers(Kristy Swanson, from the movie)- a tricky one.

8. Yes, you're right - from Corman's The Haunted Palace.

9. Is a tad contentious - strictly speaking she's Mircalla, then revealed to be Carmilla.

13. Very difficult. Sladden (Richard Shaw) from Quatermass and the Pit/Five Million Years to Earth. He was in the original TV serial and the Hammer film.

Oscar Solis said...

#3: Saw it, too disturbing a film to make me want to remember it.

I never would have guessed #5. Never saw it, although the actress looked familiar.

#9: I'd go with your answer.