Wednesday, 30 October 2013

25 And Not Out!

Supernatural Tales 25

Issue 25 of ST is now available as a POD magazine or as a very cheaply-priced PDF. Click on the link over to the right to access the product page.

I think this issue is pretty darn good, though I say so myself. For a start, we have a splendid range of fiction. Peter Bell's 'The Refurbishment' is a cracking 'traditional' ghost story, with a contemporary setting - the author's native Liverpool. Totally different is Mike Chislett's 'The Middle Park', a reality-distorting tale in which he continues to explore the London of his imagination, a city so bizarre it might almost be real. That's in marked contrast to Chloe N. Clark's story 'Who Walks Beside You', a study in alienation that ponders the nameless things that may lie behind the most commonplace of lives. Very different again is 'Some Houses - A Rumination', in which Brian J. Showers visits an address in Dublin with a very odd, and slightly scorched, reputation. Gillian Bennett offers a comedy of mediumistic manners with a rather nasty twist in 'Murder, Lamentation, and the Guild of Ghosts'. And the longest story here is also, arguably, the most disturbing of all; Christopher Harman leads us underground for a ghost train ride in 'Dark Tracks'.

If you survive all that, there's also a review section in which I, your humble editor, poke about in the realms of Nineties horror television, and try to maintain a straight face. I also take a gander at a new DVD from Robert Lloyd Parry, and new books by two authors whose work has often graced ST, Tina Rath and Chico Kidd. The cover, by Sam Dawson, is suitably old school for this time of year. Cowled figure in a ruined abbey by moonlight? We got 'im.

All in all, there's a lot enjoy here, so why not explore an assortment of weird realms in the company of highly qualified guides? Bring your mittens and a hot water bottle, though, as it may turn a little chilly.

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