Friday, 15 March 2013

On the matter of subscriptions...

Some people really don't like buying things online. So I've reconsidered the whole issue of subscriptions to ST and - bearing in mind it's now being published three times a year - I've come up with the following annual rates.

UK 3-issue subscription £25

EU 3-issue subscription €35

US 3-issue subscription $40

Other overseas, as US.

UK cheques only, please, made out to David Longhorn. I have a PayPal account which can be accessed via the blog; otherwise I must insist on cash. See title page for address details.

Please let me know what you think (assuming you have an opinion). I think it makes no sense to pay that much, but some people presumably will to avoid the curse of the intertrons!


Jim Rockhill said...

Great news! Thank you! Will send you my sub renewal in a couple of weeks!

Sam said...

That's good, I prefer subscriptions. Will put a cheque in the post.

Todd T said...

I'll take advantage of this too. And, nonsense, that this is too much to pay. It's quite reasonable, actually, compared to comparable journals out there.