Friday, 22 March 2013

James Everington - a new publication

ST#23 contains the excellent story 'The Second Wish' by James Everington. Anyone wishing to enjoy more of his work might like to pop over to Infinity Plus, where they'll find news of a forthcoming collection of stories. The blurby thing says:

James Everington‘s Falling Over is a wonderfully gritty and compelling collection of stories that tread the fine line between crime, horror and just downright strange. “Beautifully written, evocative, masterful…what shines through these stories is the author’s love of language” (Red Adept on James’s The Other Room).


MRCosby said...

I'm a big fan of James Everington's writing, so I can't wait for the collection. In the meantime I've downloaded the pdf of ST 23!

valdemar said...

Glad to hear it!