Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ghosts & Scholars

Just a mention that Ghosts & Scholars, the regular M.R. James newsletter edited by Ro Pardoe, has begun publishing fiction on a regular basis. The latest issue, no. 23, has three stories, all of them entertaining. There's a neat vignette by Philip Thompson about Beatrix Potter that recalls 'After Dark in the Playing Fields'. Mark Valentine's contribution, 'Yogh', is a clever bit of academic spooker (and to my shame I didn't realise what it was about until near the end). And the longest story, 'Quantum of Darkness' by Chico Kidd, is a gripping account of what happened when a Word War 2 bombing raid 'liberated' something that was supposed to remain confined forever...

As well as fiction the newsletter has Jamesian Notes & Queries, reviews, and other non-fiction. All in all, it's a return to the good old days of G&S, albeit in a slightly slimmer format. And the cover, by Alisdair Wood, is rather nifty.

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