Friday, 15 March 2013

Contents of ST#23

Not long now! Last minute mucking about with the next issue means that it is likely to be posted out in the first week of April, with a bit of luck. Here is a brief rundown of the fiction on offer:

'The Singing' - Iain Rowan
A mysterious stranger who can't - or won't - speak is washed ashore on an island of fishermen and farmers. When he is taken to church, he reveals an extraordinary, wonderful, and - for some - disturbing gift.

'Ilona' - Tina Rath
An East European worker is mopping floors in an NHS hospital. She is an 'illegal', on a sub-minimum wage. What could be more mundane? But behind closed doors, an ancient evil lurks...

'A Moment of Your Time' - Katherine Haynes
Have you ever been waylaid by one of those people who ask you to complete a survey in the street? Or are they, in fact, people at all?

'Screech' - Gemma Farrow
When a couple are expecting their first child, it's only natural for them to be possessed by irrational fears. Unfortunately, in some cases those fears are rather well-founded.

'Last Testament' - Craig D.B. Patton
An artist dies, and his relatives try to make sense of his strange legacy. Modern technology becomes the medium of supernatural revelation.

'The Second Wish' - James Everington
When a man returns to England to deal with the estate of his deceased parents, he finds himself sleeping in his old room, and reading a familiar book of eerie tales.

'The Tempest Glass' - Daniel Mills
'Or, How Love Deserted the Reverend Danforth'. Set during the early part of the last century, this period piece riffs on the classic idea of a mysterious artefact with strange powers.

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