Friday, 3 August 2012

M.R. James Birthday Tributes

Over at the fine This is Horror blog, you can read about the influence M.R.James has had on a lot of contemporary writers.

There's also an interview with Robert Lloyd Parry about his wonderfully authentic MRJ readings roadshow, aka Nunkie Theatre. Here's a little eztract:

I enjoy them all in their different ways. I don’t think I could have spent so long doing the shows if I didn’t love the material.  Most terrifying? At different times they’ve all elicited the right kind of reaction – which is a mixture of amusement and fear. Perhaps the most satisfying was when a friend of mine came along to a show out of politeness, and expecting I think to be rather bored, seemed genuinely disturbed by ‘Lost Hearts’ when I met him in the pub afterwards.

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